Men’s Fashion Clothing Picks

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He we go again with a collection of picks from around the web this week. Really slow week for fashion like I have mentioned earlier on in the week which makes it very hard for me to get inspired looking at the same old stuff over and over again. A lot of the sales are winding down and the websites are not releasing as much new stuff until they clear stock. On a more positive note, I will be releasing a new outfit/look book tomorrow which should be particularly good for those in the 9-5 routine or the modern gentleman.

So I have only concentrated on new deliveries, and have actually found some great knitwear, shirts and footwear. I am going to try and focus on transitional season items like; lightweight knits, shirts, jackets, bold colours and items that will go from summer days to autumn/winter seamlessly. There is more of a running commentary through this article so you can see some of my thought process.transition

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