Baby Pandas Refuse to Take Their Medicine

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What can you say about this hilarious video taken from CCTV footage at a zoo in China? The task? Well on the face of it one wouldn’t have imagined that giving some medicine to two young panda cubs would be such an ordeal. Of course that perhaps depends on how old the cubs actually are. From what we can see, in panda years, these cubs definitely give you the impression they are going through their troublesome ‘teenage’ years and whatever you want them to do, they are going to do the opposite. Of course there is always the option of discipline, but how on earth do you begin to adopt a firm hand with such cute, cuddly and adorable creatures? Though supposedly superior to all other animals, we human beings do tend to have an Achilles heel when it comes to young animals and we seem to find it so much easier to let them get away with anything without so much as a cross word.

So does our harassed zookeeper succeed? Well on the face of it, and also on the face of the pandas, we would suggest that eventually he managed to deliver the doses of medicine to these two unruly creatures. Right at the end perhaps the clue as to why these animals made it as difficult as possible for him was revealed by the panda on the left sat licking his chops in the way we do after we have eaten something we really didn’t like the taste of. The panda on the right seemed to have a different plan of action to thwart the keeper, and that was to actually eat the syringe rather than just taking the medicine! Either way, one gets the feeling that tomorrow, unless the keeper arrives with reinforcements, more chaos is going to reign!

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