Victoria’s Secret Luxe Silk & Satin Sleepwear for Women

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For beautiful soothing nights in bed, feeling like a wrapped precious diamond. The silk & satin collection is designed for pampering your skin with the floating streamline fabrics. Wear the satin slips, satin pajamas, satin gowns, satin robes, silk gowns, silk slips, silk pajamas or silk robes. You’ll find their pajamas come in two different designs or styles, one of them; we are familiar with since forever, other one just adds a little fun twist to the normal pajama with its boxer shorts instead of the normal pants to show off those carved legs in style. Kimono robes, mid-thigh length robes, mid-calf robes made from silk & satin with delicacy to suit what you’re wearing from lingerie & filled with from emotions, whether you feel like going really short or short yet covering or really long for a full cover up. Silk or Satin Baby dolls with matching panties & strings, Silk or Satin slips & Silk or Satin elegant gowns for every lady with different style & passion, & for every night romance, elegance & to die for appeal. It’s all so tempting no matter how it looks. From Bright colors like red, pink & purple to Soft basic colors like ivory, white & black to sexy wild full of colors & life prints “leopards, jacquard, stars, floral, strips, dots or ribbons”. It’s too good to wear; it’ll make you feel like diamonds.










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