How to pull off a shimmery eye and bold lip at your next party

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It may be frightful outside this holiday season, but that doesn’t mean your makeup has to be, right? The holidays are a great time to experiment with your beauty routine and add some more-daring-than-usual elements, so follow this step-by-step holiday party makeup tutorial (in gifs!) for an easy standout look.

To create this look you’ll need to keep your skin products to a minimum. We applied a light layer of foundation just to even out skin and remove any blemishes. With bold lips and eyes you’ll need to make sure your face isn’t too heavy – avoid too much blush and bronzer for this look.

Holiday-makeup-11-105x105 Holiday-makeup-21-105x105 Holiday-makeup-31-105x105 Holiday-makeup-41-105x105 Holiday-makeup-51-105x105 Holiday-makeup-61-105x105 Holiday-makeup-71-105x105 Holiday-makeup-81-105x105 Holiday-makeup-91-105x105 Holiday-makeup-101-105x105 holiday-makeup-gif-tutorial

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