Moms and Their Daughters with Matching Toenail Polish

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No, we’re not referring to a dancing penguin when we mention happy feet, we are talking about one of those special mother-daughter bonding moments. We know there is quite a lot of debate around what age is appropriate for a young girl to start wearing makeup. However we don’t consider toenail polish makeup, we think it is just fun and fashionable. Toenail polish is no more drastic than wearing socks! After all, when wearing your best shoes, don’t you want your feet to look at their best too? At Stylish Eve we just adore the idea of mum and daughter spending some quality time together. We remember from our own past how special moments spent copying our parents were, simply because we couldn’t wait to grow up. Oh how time flies by so quickly since those days! Now it is our turn with our own children to recreate those magical memories.

Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-2  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-5  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-9  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-10  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-11  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-16  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-19  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-20  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-24  Mother-daughter-feet-with-matching-toe-polish-27

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